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Internationaler Seniorenkalender

July 2020


Veterans International T.T. Calendar


*)  = new or altered since previous issue!


The calendar is available on, section SCI/WVC and updated every

two months. It can also be requested from


In order to keep the calendar updated, please send information about additional

open veterans events to the email address mentioned above.



Jul 22-26    Albena, Bulgaria                 

                   22nd int. veterans festival   


Aug 8-9      Varna, Bulgaria                  

                   21st int. veterans tournament


Aug 15       Havirov, Czech Republic   

*)                Int. veterans tournament


Aug 15-16  Burgas, Bulgaria                 

                   10th int. veterans tournament


Sep 5          Neratovice, Czech Republic

                   Int. veterans tournament


Sep 5-6       Sunderland, England          

                   Vetts North East Masters


Sep 11-13   Karlskrona, Sweden                     CANCELLED

                   World Veteran Tour


Sep 27-       Kemer, Turkey                    

Oct 3          26th int. veterans tournament


Oct 1-4       Singapore, Singapore                   CANCELLED

                   World Veterans Tour                  


Oct 5-10     Bodrum, Turkey                 

                   18th Friendship veterans     



Oct 10        Jaromer, Czech Republic   

*)                Int. Veterans tournament


Oct 10-11   Aldersley, England             

                   Vetts Midlands Masters


Oct 17-18   Istanbul, Turkey                 

                   Int. Fenerbache veteran tourn.   


Oct 23-25   Albena, Bulgaria                 

                   7th int. veterans tournament


Oct 30-       Gothenburg, Sweden          

Nov 1         42nd Ifo Veteran Open        


Nov 12-15  Istanbul, Turkey                           CANCELLED

                   World Veterans Tour                  


Nov 14-15  Norwich, England               

                   Vetts Eastern Masters


Nov 19-22  Aalborg, Denmark                        CANCELLED

                   World Veterans Tour                  


Dec 2-6      Vancouver, Canada                      CANCELLED

                   World Veterans Tour                                     


Feb 6-7      Crawley, England               

                   Vetts Southern Masters


Feb 12-14  Aarhus, Denmark               

                   Aarhus Veteran Open


Mar 20-21 Preston, England                

                   Vetts North West Masters


Apr 17-18  Thornbury, England          

                   Vetts Western Masters


Apr 26 –     Bordeaux, France               

May 2  *)   20th World Veterans




Jun 26-      Cardiff, Wales                                      

July 2  *)    14th European Veteran                



2023        Muscat, Oman                               Date to be announced 

                   21st World Veteran